October 17, 2021

Islamic calligraphy: the Naskh style

Many regions were struggling to write and read the Kufic script. Thus, the non-Arab area came up with a new Arabian script called the Naskh. This style became notably well known and was being used along with Kufic. Unlike other types of Islamic calligraphy, the Naskh didn’t decline in popularity. Still, it remains to this day one of the most used scripts in the Arab world.

Naskh is a simple and easy style of writing that emphasizes horizontal lines and proportions between letters. It is also a cursive style that is written with roundness in its characters, unlike the Kufic.

Even though Naskh was said to have been developed after Kufic, recent studies have shown that it existed at the beginning of Islam. Moreover, other studies proved that this style was the main script, not just a branch of the Kufic style.

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