November 3, 2021

Islamic art history: the Saadian dynasty

Islamic art history: the Saadian dynasty

The Wattassids succeeded the Marinid dynasty in 1472 but were toppled by the Saadian dynasty in 1554. The Saadians represent an essential part of Moroccan history since they reunited the country and warded off the Spanish and Portuguese. Moreover, they were able to resist the Ottoman expansion. Furthermore, the Saadians were the first Arab Sharifian dynasty ruling over Morocco since the Idrisids. Nevertheless, the dynasty fell into ruin in 1603 due to a war of succession.

Saadian art shows a broad continuity with the previous periods, especially the Marinid dynasty. They were known for refining the Moroccan-Moorish style. One of the most famous examples of this style is the Saadian tombs in Marrakesh, where some members of Morocco's monarchy were buried. The site is characterized by its luxurious decoration and careful interior design.

After the succession war that led to the country's division, the realm was finally reunified in 1627. However, it still suffered from the rise of new factions heading to the end of the dynasty's rule.

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